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Frequently asked questions

Is Paintball dangerous?

Paintball is one of the safest activities out there. Paintball masks, thorough safety briefings for players and limits on paintball gun velocities help prevent injuries. Can Cercos has highly trained marshals to ensure that rules are observed for maximum safety and fun.

Who plays Paintball?

What is the minimum number of players?

We recommend 8 as a minimum number of players from the same group, splitting into 2 teams of 4 players as for the aske of good fun and harmony we do not confront unrelated players.

Time-table for the games

We have 2 shifts available

The games last aproximately 2h/2h30. Please check with us for availability.

About the game

When is a player out?

The player will raise his hand and will be led out by a marshal to a safe area.

How long does one game last?

A paintball venue is made of different games lasting between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the size of teh team. the pace is fast to ensure that the players who are down stay out for the shortest possible period.

About the equipment

What is a marker/marcadora in spanish?

It refers to the name we give to a Paintball gun.

How does it the Paintball gun work?

Paintball markers quickly thrust and propel paint balls out of the marker via a burst of compressed gas. The trigger is pulled to fire the marker and release the paint balls at will and even continuously when the trigger is held downward.

The right paintball mask.

Can cercos provides you with a comfortable paintball mask that fits with a wide field vision to see your opponent and play in total safety.

What do i need to bring with me?

Played in used sport shoes, trainers or boots. Wear under the overalls light clothings. You can wear personal glasses under your paintball mask.

¿Se pueden llevar gafas con la máscara?

Sí, su diseño permite el uso de gafas graduadas de cualquier tipo.

Do the paint balls stain my clothes?

Our overalls protect your clothes. However, stains can be washed off clothes or skin just with water.

Paint balls, what are they made out of?

A paint ball is a thin-skinned gelatin capsule with a coloured paint inside. this food-based material is non-toxic and water soluble.

Do they hurt?

Depending on where they hit. Sometimes you barely feel the hit. sometimes it feels like a pinch which lasts a second or two. However, it does not keep our players from coming back again and again.

How far can they reach?

Over 50 mtrs shooting range at 50/70 km travelling speed.


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